Saturday, October 13, 2012


McKenna is the new girl of the year and she has been available since the first of January, but she will be retiring this December 31.  She is currently available at American until supplies last.  Most of the items in her starter kit, are on back order at American Girl.  So, if you plan on ordering her complete set, it would be best to order her by the end of the month.  I have been keeping an eye on this, because I have been wanting to purchase this doll for my granddaughter for Christmas.  Since they introduced her this year, the items in her starter kit have stayed on back order.  I finally just ordered the doll.  She appears to be the most popular doll that they have offered thus far.  I feel it is due to the fact that she is involved in gymnastics.  Once she retires, you will be at the mercy of independent sellers.

They have recently introduced a new American Girl to their line of featured dolls.  Her name is Caroline Abbott.  Caroline's story begins during the War of 1812.

Caroline Abbott.  She is beautiful with long flowing blonde curled hair and aquamarine eyes.  You can find her for sale at the American  If you do not live near one of their stores, you can always order online.  The difference between a store purchase and an online purchase would be the shipping charges.  I have found that the shipping charges are less than the cost of gas, as most of the store are only located in your larger cities. If you have never purchased one of these dolls for your child, you may want to consider doing so.  These dolls are very well made and worth the purchase price.  The dolls also have a good resale value.  

If you already own one of these dolls, you can shop at Nancy's Doll Closet for clothing and accessories.  I retired from selling on Ebay and opened my own store.  I found that I can offer lower prices and better service without having a go between.  I can also do custom orders.

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