My store **Nancy's Doll Closet** caters to 18 inch dolls, mainly American Girl.  However, my clothing and accessories will also fit other 18 inch dolls such as Our Generation, Battat, Tolly Tots, and Gotz.  I also have a customer that purchases outfits for her granddaughter 18" Fancy Nancy doll.

My store sells both manufactured and handcrafted clothing.  I have over 40 years experience in sewing both commercially and privately.  I make each dress, or outfit as though I were making it for one of my granddaughters.  I fuss over every aspect of the item from its beginning to its end.  I make most of my own patterns and I do have Julie and Kanani as my models to make sure I get the size just right.  I recently found out, however, that each American Girl doll can vary slightly in size in the tummy and chest area. 

My handcrafted items are inspected while they are being made, after the project is finished and again before it is shipped.  Each item is put into the clothes dryer and tumbled for about 15 minutes and then inspected to make sure it will hold up from normal play.  I rarely use straight line stitching for I prefer the decorative stitch instead.  The seams of my handcrafted items are surged for a professional finish.  I strive to use only quality materials.  Most items are made from 100% cotton or a cotton mix.  I love sewing with calico and use it quite often.  I am very picky about the print I purchase and try to pick prints that a young child would like.  My nine year old granddaughter helps me pick out material sometimes if, I am in a dilemma about the print.  She is an avid American Girl collector since she received her first doll last year at Christmas.  Of course, she now wants Kanani to add to her collection.

The manufactured clothing items I sell are of great quality and I feel you will not be disappointed.   I purchase my wholesale doll clothing from the **Doll Clothing Store** located in Arizona.  They put great detail into their products and their items look just like they were made for a child.  I have had nothing but compliments about their products.

My accessory items are purchased as I can find them.  Products for 18" dolls are hard to find and items are often sold out at the original stores. 

All my items are brand new.  I do not sell any second hand items at my store.

You may contact me during the hours of 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm eastern standard time for any questions you may have concerning my products.